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UV-8R 8W radio
  • Clicks:14097
  • Product class: Products Handheld Radio Dual band Radio
  • Product describe:Tri power output 8W/5W/1W Tx 136-174MHz &400-520MHz
  • Model: UV-8R


    UV-8R Description

    UV-8R with Trip power output & automatic battery save greatly meet the require of long Distance, save power long standby require. As a classic model with competitive price which is widely used worldwide.

    Main Features

    *65-108MHz FM Radio

    *Dual band dual display dual standby

    *Strong flashlight

    *40 shortcut menu

    *English prompts guide

    *High low power

    *Wide narrow band

    *0-4 level battery save mode

    *0-10 level VOX function

    *0-10 level back light time

    *Emergency alarm & flashlight

    *Beep ON OFF

    *TOT 15-600s setting

    *PTT & ANI ID



    *2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/20/25 50KHz channel step

    *Busy channel lock out

    *Keypad lock

    *Tail tone eliminate

    *color backlight optional

    *1000/1450/1750/2100Hz Brust Tone

    *All reset function

    General Specification

    Frequency Range

    VHF: 136-174MHz/ UHF: 400-520MHz

    RF Power Output

    8W/ 5W/ 1W

    Channel Capacity



    1800mAH Li-ion


    116mm x65mmx35mm



    Standard Package

    Two-way radio*1; High Gain Antenna*1; 7.4V 1800mAh Battery*1;Desktop Charger*1; 100-240V Power Adapter*1;Belt Clip*1; Hand Strap*1; Manual in English*1

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